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"I can singing, I can dancing." - Lee Seunghyun of BIGBANG

Rara. 16. A VIP, Cassiopeia and a SHINee World. And oh, I took a liking on Baekhyun.

Posing for the fans ^_^

8 Years of D-Lite

I love ur 8 years of......... Are you going to do all members? (Or maybe I missed Dae and Gd)

I’m not finished with Dae yet, probably posting it after school. GD’ s right here :>

Thank you, I’m glad you like it! :)

Minho: To sum it up, we are more like evil friends rather than same-age buddies, right?
Key: Don’t sum it up like that!

8 Years of Sol

“Going around 12 different countries, we were surprised at the responses of the fans. In spite of different languages and skin color, all the fans sang after us in Korean, which moved our hearts.” - G-Dragon


we will always be here for you. until whenever.
060819 - now.
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VIPs singing to Haru Haru during Alive Tour 

malaysia —> thailand —> taiwan —> indonesia —> peru —> china —> singapore —> philippines  —> england —> usa —>japan —> korea

“You guys know this song, right?”

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2006~2014: Happy 8th Anniversary, Big Bang! ♔#8IGBANG